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Company Introduction

Fengcheng City Phoenix Turbocharger Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in 2000. It has 90 employees and 35 technicians, including 3 senior engineers and 11 engineers. The company continues carrying on its vision-People as Core, Integrity as Priority, Quality as Life, and always striving for better development with innovation.

Fengcheng City Phoenix Turbocharger Manufacturing Co. Ltd has many high-precision production equipments, such as VF-1D four axis vertical machining center from USA, DM4120C vertical machining center, X62W universal milling machines, ZX7032 CNC drilling and milling machining center, XK7145A CNC milling machines, automatic turbo balancing machines and overall balancing machines imported from France, DE-8269R computer balancing machines, US CNC machine tools, and EZCAD2 laser marking machines.

The company insists on the international production process to insure stable quality.

Fengcheng City Phoenix Turbocharger Manufacturing Co. Ltd regards quality as its life. It has imported a series of international test equipments to guarantee the best quality, such as VSR MIII-06 high speed rotor dynamic balancing machines from France, GATETEST-3 actuator detectors from Italy, MH3D-R automatic CMM from Switzerland, TZQ-8 turbocharger full speed balancing machines, NKJ endoscope, YJ2006B microscope, roundness instrument, and overall performance laboratory. The perfect equipments and excellent quality make the cooperation with Honeywell come true. In 2006, we had successful cooperation with the New Products Development and Trial Center of Honeywell.

Fengcheng City Phoenix Turbocharger Manufacturing Co. Ltd is a market-driven company. It has successfully cooperated with Qinghua University to develop turbochargers for gasoline engines and natural gas engines. It passed ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification and ISO / TS16949: 2002 international quality system certification. All of the piston rings are imported from UK, and the bearings are made of nano-ceramic material. It have more than 1000 kinds of turbochargers for cars, ships, engineering machinery and generator sets with power between 30 KW and 1200 KW. The turbochargers and turbo spare parts have been exported to Italy, Poland, Russia, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and so on. It is also an excellent supplier for many Chinese engine factories, such as Wuxi Sida Diesel Engine Group and and Shenyang Shuangfu Internal Combustion Engine Factory.

SUPREME TURBO CHARGER SYSTEM SHANGHAI CO., LTD was founded in Shanghai in 2004, it started to produce turbochargers with the brand “COMMAND”, and became the franchisor of Garrett in Shanghai. Except turbochargers, Phoenix Turbocharger Manufacturing Co., Ltd also produces and exports mechanical equipments and auto parts.

Fengcheng City Phoenix Turbocharger Manufacturing Co., Ltd always insist on technological innovation. High quality and effective management make fast development. The new plant makes the company become an international turbocharger manufacturer.

Fengcheng City Phoenix Turbocharger Manufacturing Co., Ltd makes excellent products with the responsibility and innovation of all team members. It is a world-class professional turbocharger supplier.


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