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User Manual Turbocharger

User Manual Turbocharger

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Basic Principle:

Turbocharger is an important parts  which is used to improve engine’s efficiency and reduce discharge. It works with discharged gas and provides more pressed air for engine.


Due to the air entered into the cylinder is increasing, so it is allowed that more fuel puffs out and burns fully,thereby the engine can producehigh efficiency and reduce more discharge. When turbocharger is working on the altiplano, the engine can obtain efficiency compensation.


Bypass type charger has the excellenceof producing powerful torque at lower speed and accepting various speed. When the pressure is over some scheduled rate,  the bypass valve will open, and drainsome of engine's exhaust, this can control supercharging ratio withinregulated scope and control the erupted pressure from cylinderunder allowable engine mechanical load to ensure the engine  is in good performance.


Installing and Using:

1.Before your installing new chargers, first you must clean the oil sump, feed and discharge hoses of chargers, change the motoroil and oil filter (infuse full oil before installing new filter), to ensurethe motor oil is clean, meanwhile change the air filter.

2. During installing,  don't connect feed hoses of ubricating oil at once,feed cleaned motor oil into feed hose inlet of lubricating oil first, and rotate the impeller of compressor for several  times to let the lubricating oil into the feed hose inlet, then connect the feed hose.


3. Don't drive with load at once when engine is tarting up, shouldbe running at low idle for 3or5 minutes, it can ensure well lubricated.Must pay attention that the idling time shouldn't be too long otherwisewill cause the charger dripping oil. 4. Don't shut off the engine at once to stop at low idle for 3 or 5 minutes, so that the temperature and rotate speed can fall down gradually,  this can prevent regeneration, coking, bearing shatter and so on.


1.The inspection disassembly and replacing of chargers  must be done after the engine stops to be cooling. During working, the engine should not be start-up, otherwise it will result in some injuries. 


2.The character (quality , grade and cleaness) of motor oil is the key, which can prolong service life of your charger. Motor oil is over 40CD grade at least, It is very important that ensure turbocharger being well lubricated.

3. For bypass type chargers, never use the parts installed outside as handle, such as handspike, to prevent effect the sensitivity of actuator of bypass valve.

4.When installing and using, must ensure pipeline firmly connectedand tightly sealed, air filter to compressor, compressor to feed hose of engine,  turbocharger to exhaust hose of engine and so on, otherwisewill result in squeaking sound and oil dripping.

5.Keep the respiration of crankshaft of engine expedite, in order to avoid the pressure of crankshaft too excessive to effect the speed of reflux of lubricating oil and result in dripping oil of turbocharger.

6.Checking the air filter within User Manual of ngine, clean andreplace the filter element termly, otherwise will result in compressor dripping oil and so on.Please don't take apart the turbocharger from engine when youmeet and doubt some faults with the turbocharger during using, andstill don't disassembly it, but troubles diagnosed should be  first (see Faults Diagnozed List), to find the reasons and remove the faults. 

Most faults of turbocharger are relating to improperly using of engine. Only replace for New turbocharger without finding out the faults, oronly judge the faults through replacing turbocharger, these actions allcould not remove the faults, and result in turbocharger damagedor other extra lost.

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