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How to properly use the turbocharger and precautions?

How to properly use the turbocharger and precautions?

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1. To avoid long-term idling of the engine, otherwise the oil pressure will be low due to idle speed, resulting in early wear of the rotor shaft, bearings and seals.

2. Always check the turbocharger seal for failure. If the turbine face seal fails, the exhaust will enter the engine lubrication system through the seal ring. After a long period of time, it will cause the oil to fail prematurely.

3. If good quality oil is used, the amount of air entering the combustion chamber is greatly increased in the engine combustion chamber volume under the action of the turbocharger. In the case of constant, it is equivalent to increasing the compression ratio, so that the working strength of the engine is greatly improved. The turbocharged engine has high machining precision and strict assembly process. Therefore, when using the oil of a turbocharged engine, it is necessary to use a quality oil, which has good wear resistance and high temperature resistance, and is easy to form a high-strength oil film.

4. Change the oil regularly. If the oil is full of impurities, it will accelerate the slight wear of the bearing when it is brought into the supercharger, and the rotor shaft and bearing will be damaged for a long time. Therefore, be sure to change the oil regularly.

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